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School Construction

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School Construction

Starting From UGX50,000


Importance of infrastructure in a school

The overall goal of this cause is to construct our school and also supply basic necessity so that every school going kid in the community can access better education, stay in school and learn in an conducive environment. by donating to the construction sector of the school.

Our desire to see a transformation from a bad situation to good one in our society, we aim to bridge this gap by encouraging the act of supplying school needs and constructing school building in our rural communities to keep and enroll more children back to school.

The absence of infrastructure such os classrooms, chairs, desk, library , toilet staff rooms sickbay kitchen and so much more results to both parent, teachers and students staying away from the school kindly get involved in construction of any of the above for the betterment of Mama Aidah Memorial Primary school.

Good infrastructure help to improve the performance of students and improving the school system. Creating a conducive learning environment can lead to enrollment rate, help improve learning and teaching. Good facilities in school affect the health, behaviour, learning of children in school.

Here are some of the infrastructure constructions one can contribute toward;

  • Class rooms 
  • A kitchen
  • Teachers' staffroom
  • sickbay
  • Toilets
  • Water source
  • library

The school has been able to set up classes from Nursery to Primary 6, a barbed wire fence to protect the kids during school hours we therefore look forward to any help from out there and build a long lasting education legacy in our community and country.