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What your money buys - A small donation can make a huge difference!

Whatever your budget - your donations will directly help give the impoverished children of Mama Aidah Memorial Primary School, the school buildings and facilities which will ensure they receive a proper education.

If donors pay for specific buildings we recognize their contributions with a granite plaque on the building. It is possible for donors to dedicate the building to a specific person or organization.

Scholastic Materials

Scholastic Materials Starting From UGX50,000

Your donation will provide a supply of exercise books, pens, and pencils for a child who cannot afford these vital materials. Pens and paper are prized possessions and children can often struggle to afford the most basic of scholastic materials.

Staff Welfare

Staff Welfare Starting From UGX50,000

Being a teacher in Uganda is a difficult task. Classes are large and wages are low, particularly in rural schools. Providing teachers’ accommodation helps alleviate some of the struggles.

School Construction

School Construction Starting From UGX50,000

60 - 100 children in each classroom can learn out of the sun and away from the rain. With no classroom, the children only have the shelter of a tree, with a brick as their seat. When it rains, which it regularly does in Uganda, they have to go home.

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