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We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

Mama Aidah Memorial Primary School is a happy, inclusive school located in Bugiri district, Uganda. We are a successful school with values at the heart of what we do and a mission to make learning truly irresistible.

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Partnering with pupils, parents and the local community to maximise teaching and learning

We Believe in Education for ALL Children


We're all part of your child's big day, that's why our welcome programme includes information for your child about what to expect ahead of those milestone moments from open day to their first morning.


We embrace every child that comes through our door no matter what their beliefs or values are. We want to work positively with you to ensure that your child reaches their full potential at all stages of their journey.


We work with other schools to develop diversity and tolerance and we respect differences and celebrate successes as and when they arise. Inclusion is a vital part of what we do and who we are.

Scholastic Materials

Scholastic Materials Starting From UGX50,000

Your donation will provide a supply of exercise books, pens, and pencils for a child who cannot afford these vital materials. Pens and paper are prized possessions and children can often struggle to afford the most basic of scholastic materials.

Staff Welfare

Staff Welfare Starting From UGX50,000

Being a teacher in Uganda is a difficult task. Classes are large and wages are low, particularly in rural schools. Providing teachers’ accommodation helps alleviate some of the struggles.

School Construction

School Construction Starting From UGX50,000

60 - 100 children in each classroom can learn out of the sun and away from the rain. With no classroom, the children only have the shelter of a tree, with a brick as their seat. When it rains, which it regularly does in Uganda, they have to go home.

Mama Aidah memorial Primary School, situated in Nambo - Bugiri District Uganda and was founded in 2014 in memory of Aidah Nawamango who was popularly known as Mama Aidah she had compassion towards orphans and the poor, despite the fact that she was poor herself, she always took poor children to her home whom she raised up in God's ways. She believed that without education you would amount to nothing, a gospel she preached to every child and parent. When the Lord took her to glory In 2013 the Lord spoke to Apostle Suubi Julius to build a school that would continue with her dream of seeing every child given the opportunity to access quality education in the Iwemba sub-county. The school began off from Exploits worship Centre Nambo and would later have some temporary iron sheet structures till God provided money to build the current structures.The school currently has 320 children with qualified teachers and a conducive learning atmosphere starting from a nursery section of 3 classes and primary classes that is the primary one to primary six, we always add one class each year.The school plans to put up a library and a social hall that can seat 500 children. As a school that is only starting and based in a rural area, the greatest challenge is that most children come from very poor families, so they cannot afford books, pens, and uniforms hence the school depends on friends and Apostle Suubi for sponsorship. The aim of Mama Aidah primary school is not to just have a school but an excellent school where children pass with a first grade that’s why we are investing in qualified teachers, and textbooks and creating the best atmosphere for the best results. As for the security, the school is fenced ensuring children stay within school premises during school hours and avoid leaving anytime. School Mission: To provide affordable education to Ugandan citizens.School Vision:To be the leading provider of quality education hence producing all-around people to fit in a society that is corrupt-free.